Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Holiday

At 9:22pm the day before Thanksgiving, Momma was still going strong baking pies.
 Earlier in the week, she had mass texted to find out people's pie requests.
Turns out there were 14 different kinds requested, and if you know anything about my momma, she was not about to leave out someone's favorite pie.
What worked out well about this scenario is that we ate pie all day every day for about 4 days.

This year, I brought the cinnamon rolls for Thanksgiving morning.
I was expecting more teasing for their less-than-Tiff's-perfect-ones status,
but everyone seemed beyond satisfied with this family favorite.
In our family, we know a good cinnamon roll.

Neal & I climbed out of bed early on Thanksgiving morning and cozied into the already busy kitchen with Mom before everyone got up.
You would have thought we had Thanksgiving morning mistaken for Christmas.

Preparations for the Thanksgiving feast.



So many people to be thankful for.
 This picture's quality isn't too good, but man, is it sweet of Garrett and his daddy.




Tiff and her boys.
Seems fitting that at least one little boy would be out of focus from all the wiggling :)


And then, there were a few days of fireside sitting.

Of country sunrises

 and sunsets

of family dinners

and music

of hoodies and baby nephew snuggling

and of Christmas coming to hurry us back home again soon.

I have a Christmas book going, 
peppermint hot chocolate handy, 
red and green m+ms's in a bowl on the counter, 
and flannel Christmas pajama pants making their way back into the scene.
And this morning, we got snow!
I think I see a few more flurries still going, but 18 stories up, it's always hard to see.


Kirra Sue said...

Sounds PERFECT. Your Mom is a rock star for baking all those pies. All that food looks incredible Ash! Loved all the pictures!!!

Jodie said...

for a moment I felt like I was there!! I guess it was just wishful thinking. Sounds and looks like you had an incredible Thanksgiving. I must say there is something about a country holiday that I long for every year. I love how you bring us there with the pictures and writing.

Kara said...

Ashley, I love this post! Makes me miss home!

Molly Jo Nyman said...

You do not know me. I work with Tyler who was kind enough to pass me the link. I work with him and he knows I am a farm girl and a family girl and thought I might enjoy the pictures. I did! Loved every single one. You can tell there is great joy in that home.

Micah said...

Thanks Tyler for the post, makes me miss home!