Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Peek

Here at the Anderson's, this is a peek of what it looks like.
We snuggle into the couches and talk, together and with friends.
We simmer this on the stove top.
We plan Christmas lists and parties and drink chai and cider.
We let warm colors and fall garlands comfort on days when life seems more cruel.
We think on gratitude within these walls; the quiet choices that make life- if not more noticeable- at least richer.

Yesterday, we had a rough day, but concluded it by settling into our cozy haven late at night with a friend and watching Brian Regan DVDs until midnight.
I highly recommend such practices.

It's here that we hurt and laugh and uncover joy and find our way through the life that we recognize as ours today.
It's cozy.  We love it.  And we'll keeping simmerin' the good stuff here all the way until Christmas.
Hope you enjoy this small peek.


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

look at these beautiful, LARGE picturs! ;) they look great!!

but these pics also made my heart ache a little bit cuz it brought back memories to the monday lunches that we shared. miss you, friend!

Tugboatannie said...

Ashley, I love the simplicity and beauty of your apt. So pleasing to the eye and warm and I loved your comments about how you and Neal live and spend time together :) so great....is our God.
Cheryl Nyquist