Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weekending: 11 Guys and a Girl

Hello there.
Happy weekending, friends.
Guess where I am?
I went with Neal on the retreat he's put on for his 10 guys.
Yep. That's me and 11 guys for the weekend!
I'm feeling very brave.
(I brought a good Jane Austen novel and three pairs of shoes to balance things out.)
Let's just say I'm a little out of my element, but I guess I don't have to try to keep my life interesting!
They gave a big cheer when I told them I'd come this time, and they keep telling me I really am a part of CREW (their RA small group), how sweet are they?
So. Here I am! Enjoying a blend of relaxing and getting to know our guys better.
I'm having a good time chatting with them, and more so, overhearing their hoopla and topics of conversation.
Which, for the record, from my observation, ranges from desert island scenarios, to outrageously random facts, to theology and Bible discussions, and most things in between.
As I was drifting off to sleep upstairs last night, I faintly heard this question, "If we were all stranded on a desert island, who would we eat first?"

Many thanks to both of Neal and I's mommas who have hosted this weekend.
Dinner last night at my family's (the guys are still raving about it), and then the rest of the weekend at Neal's parent's lake house while they're away, complete with meals ready for us in the fridge.
We're blessed by the hard work our moms have done to support us and these guys.
Thanks Moms!
(Will any of us ever find a day where we could actually stop saying that?)


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

how fun! im sure the guys love you so they dont mind you coming along at all!!! enjoy relaxing and reading...and wearing all those shoes! ;)

Anonymous said...

Jealous. Every single girl's dream. Haha.