Friday, October 22, 2010

Run. Trip. Fall. Break.

Witty title credit: Eric Lunde
So, a week later I'm still getting fall break posted.
About this time last Friday, we were tossing weekend bags into the car, and I was finally settling on that caramel apple cider. Did your week go fast too?
Now a week later, the goodness is lingering for me as I finish up transferring fall break from there to here.

As saturated as we were on our weekend with quiet trails and smooth lake waters, we found that happy place between staying in and going out. The out-goings found us at a breakfast restaurant, a pumpkin farm, and a flannel-shirt apple-cider kind of meeting up of Neal's family and mine.
Beautiful settings aside, the people make the day for me, and getting our families together is rare, so it's an extra heap of special when it happens!

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by these sweet faces.
A weekend of conversation and sharing with these two wonderful parents was lovely...
something that we eat up when we get the chance.
And are they not adorable?

Saturday morning, Neal came to wake me up out of white sheets, saying if I wanted, we would all head out to breakfast. A quick messy bun and jeans later, we arrived at Green Gables.
For context, when we go here, I feel like I'm in a movie similar to Sweet Home Alabama.

We got to this neighborhood Mom and Pop's at 10:40, just after they stopped serving breakfast at 10:30.
Someone made the comment that whether that's a formal daily rule, or they really just do whatever they want, is unclear.
With our narrow miss of the Green Gables experience, we headed into town to look for breakfast.
After a plate of biscuits and gravy, I saw this candy jar on the way out.
The strawberry and butterscotch candies on the top are totally from my childhood and I haven't seen them in years!
Anyone else grow up on those?
An afternoon at Rader's Pumpkin Farm

When our families got together, I snapped a picture of my sweet big sister (and best friend!) Tiff's beautiful family.
Four kids now!!
I'm ever and always in love with her littles.
That they call me auntie makes my whole world go 'round.

Favorite picture from the weekend

The beautiful Grammy.
The Anthro Grammy, no less, with those Anthropologie earrings!

Family together. So good.
What will your weekend hold, friend?
Be it family, friends who feel like family, or some other goodness, I hope you go get at least a sliver of it this weekend.

Before mine starts, I've gotta head out on my jog.
I think today calls for breaking out the running tights.
It's getting chilly!
And then, let the quiet, slow weekend begin.


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

oh ash love these pics!! and that one that is your fave is def my fave too.

happy autumn, friend!

Esther said...

so glad you are enjoying this season thoroughly! Your fall pics are wonderful! I liked fall before, but I love it even more this year! I had the wonderful experience of spending my fall break & an a couple extra days out in colorado! love it. miss you. but glad we can both enjoy the season, right where the Lord has us! :)