Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Buckingham Fountain Picnic

Fall has a way of bringing out the most beautiful backdrops.
Who would've thought that Buckingham Fountain could be any more magnificent?
With the trees around it turned orange, it is.

We rode the Vespa to the fountain the other night for a relaxed, warm fall evening.
I can't tell you how many times I said, "We should have ridden our bikes," as parking was horrendous to find there, even for the little Vespa.
But we're wanting to scoot around all we can before the weather turns cold.
Can you blame us?

Chipotle with this view. So good.
I've been wanting to come down here all summer for a picnic. Finally, it happened.
Even if it was carry out Chipotle and even if it did take until October.
Actually, I can't think of a better picnic than a Chipotle one, so no complaints there!

Is there somewhere near you you've been meaning to get to? A park, that perfect spot in the woods, that bike route? Go, and go soon. Before it gets too cold, and we're all bundled inside with hot chocolate and movies. The extra effort it takes to make it happen is worth it.

Our night definitely was.

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