Sunday, October 3, 2010

Garrett's Gourmet Popcorn

Help. I've discovered Garrett's Gourmet Popcorn. Chicagoans, you know the place on Michigan Avenue with the line out the door everyday? On this past Friday night, the stars aligned, and there was Garrett's, and there was us, and there was no line.

My Dad and Momma were with us (oh joy!) for a fun little weekend, and they treated us to a big bag of the caramel corn, and a small bag of the caramel corn with almonds. Oh. Oh. Oh, my. The words warm, buttery, carmel-y, melt-in-your-mouth would be apt, if words are appropriate at all in that moment.

A few blocks down, we stopped into the Apple Store, and I'm pretty sure I just stood in the middle of the store with my sticky fingers, continually eating my caramel corn and making the techy, clean Apple people nervous. Don't worry Apple people. I don't want to touch the I-Pad. Not when I can hold this bag of Garrett's instead.

I think the thing that has got me out of bed for the past few days is the fact that I know the Garrett's bag is still there. Okay, maybe that's a little obsessive, so pretend I didn't say that.

But this is what it looked like around our house all weekend.

Blessed sight, day in and day out until today when the bottom of the bag finally appeared. It went out with a bang, as a fantastic after-groceries snack. Best post-groceries snack I've ever had.

So, here's the digs: Just don't click on the "nutritional information" tab on the sidebar. Why would you do that?


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

man, its nearly midnight here in SC - and i want some of this NOW. mmmm, it looks so good. i've had garrets but never stood in that long line ever. this makes me wish i did...

Kirra Sue said...

Ok I laughed at loud picturing you standing in the middle of the Apple store with your popcorn. I love the picture you painted with your words! :) Such a fun post. And truth be told I'm obsessed with the Chicago Mix- Caramel + Cheese. Was totally weirded out at first, and now I dream about it.

Fun to see you today! I love you!!!

Kacie said...

When I moved from Chicago to Dallas it turned out that one of the guys in my office was a Moody grad from the 60's and was at one time his class president. He has crazy stories - like about getting fined for giving a girl a ride to church. Or valet parking for gangsters who had bullet holes in their cars and guns in the dashboard.

He also worked for Garretts - the original store, the original owner, before they were big stuff. He said Mrs. Garrett was HUGE and had outgrown her work uniform but kept wearing it... and that Mr. Garrett always took the day's money out of the register at the end of the day and just put it in a Garrett's bag to walk to the bank and make a deposit... not a briefcase or anything safe at all, just a Garrett's paper bag!

Motherbutter said...

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