Friday, August 20, 2010

Welcome to Moody

It's here! Or I should say, they're here! Students, new and returning, are arriving on Moody campus for the start of the 2010-11 year.

That gentle lulling tide of summer break stillness and rest has rolled into energetic splashing and crashing waves. Let me tell you, the moment students stepped on campus and we started hugging our returning students and welcoming our new, I was so excited that it's time for high tide.

That rhythm of work and rest has cycled back to work, and the work at Moody is just such a privilege. And, we can be happy laying on the beach for only so long until we want to roll up our sleeves and work for God's kingdom, you know? But speaking of laying on the beach, what a blessing it is, can I get an amen? More Florida pictures still to come.

Besides that little thing about Moody being such an exciting place of training the next generation of young adults to take the love, compassion, truth, grace, and hope of the Gospel to every corner of their hearts and every corner of the earth, there is something else extra about this year....

My sister Hosanna (Hoz) is a new freshman! It was so exciting to see her and Mom's faces amidst the sea of students on the plaza on freshman move-in day. Mom started crying within the first five seconds, and Hoz remained a rock throughout.

I've grabbed some pictures off of Mom's computer for you to see of the day. Apparently, I carried around my camera bag all day as a mere purse as I forgot to take many pictures.



{Meeting Hoz's roommate, Rachel}

{Getting the room set up}
Um, can I have a set of those sheets please?

{More pictures}

We had lots of funny stories from Hoz's move-in day. Here's one of them: An RA had come into Hoz and Rachel's room and was talking with Rachel. She saw Hoz's picture frames, and said, "Why does your roommate have a picture of the RS and his wife? That is sooo weird." Seconds later, we walked in, and everyone laughed as I explained that Hoz and I are sisters, therefore warranting "the RS" a place in her family picture frame.

Hoz got to meet the President and the Dean on her first day too, which we didn't think was too shabby for her first day.

After getting Hoz off to orientation meetings, Mom and I went to 3rd Coast for brunch, complete with a hot raspberry scone and conversation that warmed and sugared my soul. We carried that conversation all the way home where I'm spending the weekend until Neal gets back from a wedding he's in in MN.

This August I think I've spent much more time away from Neal than with him, but that's the nature of August in Residence Life and it'll settle soon. But I'm thankful for all the sweet time I've gotten to spend with family! Until then, we remember that students and work and everything in between is the whole reason why we're here. And Moody students, we're so glad you're here.

I had worked on this post at home over the weekend, but had trouble uploading it. So you'll see it's a few hours outdated, as it's no longer the weekend, and I'm no longer at my family's. Neal and I are finally at home in Chicago living under the same roof (it's also the same roof that 900 college guys are living under, but that's beside the point). We both have miserable colds, but we're happy to be back together and putting our suitcases AWAY, at least for a little while.


Kacie said...

I love the energy of the beginning of the year at Moody!

Ashley Anderson said...

Hi Kacie! I totally agree. Thanks for stopping by the blog!