Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hird Island

So, this post is one I've been really excited to share with you! And tonight, at Clark St. Starbucks with Neal studying across the table from me, I think I've got the perfect evening for it. We're sitting at a big window that opens right out to the bustling city street, with the city buses pulling in for their scheduled stops every so often. People coming, people going, and I find myself glancing up to see all the diversity passing by. That has to be one of the things I love most about the city... it's hard to be in my own little world, because the fact that there is a great, big, diverse world out there is right in my face every single day.

I love new places and the energy of exploring a part of the world new to me, don't you?

A few weeks ago, on our way back from FL, Neal and I got the chance to do just that. We are so grateful to the Staley's, parents of Neal's good college friend Jamie, for inviting us to visit them at their vacation home off the southeast coast of Georgia. They are such kind, hospitable people and showed us all around the beautiful and unique Hird Island.

I'll try to send you there to take it all in, through my pictures. There's lots, so grab a cup of coffee, and scroll down...

{The Marina}
Where we were picked up by boat

{Boat ride to the island}
A 15-min. ride through the water passage ways of the swampland

{Our ride to the island was nearly at sunset, so beautiful!}

{The House on Hird Island}
The island is 2 miles long, and has about 30 houses on it.
No roads, no stores, no mail.

{The Porch}
Read, write, journal, chat, nap, eat...
The possibilities are endless for this gorgeous haven

{The Trees}
These trees covered the island, making it feel enchanted

{Catching Crab}

{Boat ride out to the Atlantic Ocean}

{An Unforgettable Afternoon}
This island that we boated to has the open waters of the Atlantic washing up to its shores

{Our view as we explored and enjoyed the afternoon}
Not a person in sight for miles

It was absolutely sublime.

Time to close up shop at Starbucks, hop on the Vespa, and go home!


Kirra Sue said...

Ash I cannot believe how gorgeous!!! Wow. I want to go. :) Love all these pictures- they are so fun to see!! Love you!

Leigh said...

So . . . I've just been combing through your blog posts & I started to feel that we're kindred spirits. Then, I saw your Vera Bradley tote and I KNEW we were kindred spirits. :)