Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Project: Week 10

Day 63: We can "read" through this stack of books in about 2 minutes flat.
Day 64: I recently started a routine around the house of "Mondays are groceries, Tuesdays are laundry..." and it's clearing up my mental state big time.
Day 65: More of this please, haha.
Day 66: Augy's first gig, modeling Moody gear for the Moody website.  Too funny, and he of course had a grand time in the limelight.
Day 67: It blows my mind to think of city life through his 7-month-old perspective.
Day 69: Heart and soul.  I fell in love with you, heart and soul.
Day 70: Watchin' and waitin' for the train to come.


Kirra said...

Second to last pic. I need framed! Get on that sissy! ;) xoxo

Joel.de.Sousa said...

His "concentration" face while reading that book...so great.