Monday, March 3, 2014

Project 365 Up to Date

Project 365, up to date.  Holla.

 Day 51: Watching Winnie the Pooh because he didn't nap and Mommy needed to get ready to leave for work.  DVD left at our house by his bestie Ellie Sue.
 Day 52: Professor and licensed psychologist Dr. Kelly Flanagan from Wheaton College was on the Today Show for this letter he wrote to his daughter about beauty that doesn't fade.  Suuuper cool.
 Day 53: Bundled up to walk in below zero temperatures to go get a flu shot.  Life is hard.
 Day 54: We ducked into the gorgeous flower shop down the street from our apartment, telling the florist we were "in search of beauty."  I took a picture of his flowers, and he took a picture of Augy to send to his sister, who had just had a baby.
 Day 55: Stopping by to see Daddy at work.
Day 56: This is still up on our chalkboard wall.  Not getting old.  Literally and truly could not have done it without the most supportive husband on the planet.
Day 57: Congratulatory flowers from my practice.  Such wonderful people.
Day 58:  New sheets from Dwell Studio. These just were a must for his nursery.
 Day 59: I will always remember me & Augy's first winter together.  The worst winter in 100 years.  We would not have survived it without the Target that opened 3 minutes from our apartment.  We made small trips every other day or so, just to get out of the house. 
 Day 60: After the accidental occurrence of Augy submerging his entire head in the bath water, we decided to take him swimming since he didn't seem bothered at all after going under.  As it turns out, he. loved. swimming.  My momma heart will always remember the joy and bravery he showed in his first swim.
Day 61:  The daily.  Well, not the coffee.  I wish, but it's too acidic for my stomach, so it's reserved for desperate days only.
 Day 62: Gorgeous gold cake and Oscar ballots for an Oscar's Party at Kirra's.  Love my girls and Kirra's party-throwing magic.


Maria Griffin said...

Finally getting on a computer to comment. Love, love, loving this 365 project. Beautiful subjects and talented photographer!

Anonymous said...

YAY, my fave is the Augy swimming picture! Such a chunk! Love it!

Kirra said...

HIm in a swimsuit is gonna give me a heart attack. The best ever.