Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Project 365: Week 12

Day 79: This may be my favorite picture I've taken of my Augy to date.  Surprising maybe, but it just captures his spirit to me right now.  So curious, so interested in and fascinated with everything.  Also, his close-lipped expressions shoot me straight through the heart.
Day 80: Cruisin' on the El like any old city baby.
Day 81: Visiting the Art Institute.  After the huge effort we made to get there (tracking down a free pass from an obscure library, scheduling around nap time, making the trek into the loop), we arrived with 20 minutes until closing.  I will not accept defeat!
Day 82: Red.
Day 83: Grocery haul.  Twice weekly.  Try not to be jealous of how I haul these, with my 20+ pound baby, from a garage-less car, into a two-door entry lobby, up 12 flights in an elevator, and down a long hallway.  Just try really hard not to be jealous.  But still, I am thankful.
Day 84: Late afternoon sun in the nursery.
Day 85: I cannot believe this is happening.  Tickets are booked!  Pinch me!

1 comment:

Kirra said...

Such a city guy. Love him so much. I'm kinda gonna miss him in hats come summer because he is just so stinking cute in them. Slays me.

Also NEW YORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRK. Take me in your pocket. PLEASE.