Sunday, May 26, 2013

Spring Squeeze

If my phone was a lemon, consider these pics lemonade... 
spring squeezed out of my phone photo gallery.

Chicago's iconic blooms,
a spring afternoon at Greektown's Artopolis Bakery and Cafe (with the most delicious lemon tart!),
walking little mister along Lakeshore Path (can't wait till there's a stroller and his little face involved!),
the sweetest Mother's Day gift from husband,
and a summery gelato place in Ukrainian Village, Black Dog Gelato.
After our first visit to Black Dog Gelato, we went back just a couple nights later only to find they had already sold out of all their flavors that night-- it's that good.

Spring squeeze!

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Kirra said...

LOVE! Lots of walks with goose & turtle! Lots & lots.