Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Land of Summer & Roots

Hello and happy summer!
I've been away from the Windy City for a week, tucked away in the land of summer and where-I-come-from roots.

Every year husband and I look forward to the week of summer reunion with my immediate and extended family at my childhood home, and this year we had my brother's wedding and my baby shower all in that week as well!
You would never know from these pictures that my brother's wedding weekend was one big torrential rainstorm and that the reception had to be moved indoors, but all of my parents' work on the yard paid off to be enjoyed for the rest of the summer, don't you think?

The next time I set foot back here, I will have my little mister in my arms!
Now that, I don't have words for.
I can't wait to introduce him to the great big world but perhaps even more so, to this place.


Kirra said...

I don't understand how I've never been here.

Bethany Yoder said...

Love this place!!!!!