Tuesday, May 7, 2013

(Un) Inauguration Day

Two Sundays ago we spent our first day of the season out at Montrose...
blanket spread by the lake, naps (or attempts at such), and relaxed conversation.

I would call it Inauguration Day (like here and here), but I don't because it just wasn't sunny or blue or summery or warm.
To keep with the political metaphor, it was more like election day where the big event has kind of happened but it's not official yet because the ceremony hasn't taken place.

The Montrose Inauguration Day ceremony is the most glorious taste of Chicago summer...
 It's a day when a full bright sun says it's hello to water and skyline, creating simultaneous and  impossibly blue shimmers, rivaled only by the shimmering feeling of your bare skin feeling warm for the first time in... God knows how long.
It's shorts and sunglasses and the unending melody of that ice cream truck that rolls back and forth all afternoon long.

So you'll see from these pictures why I'm calling this afternoon out at Montrose (Un) Inauguration Day, 
 but we spent a few peaceful hours with a hint of warmth and a hint of what's to come, and it felt oh so good.

There's a new bird sanctuary out at Montrose Harbor that's been developing over the past year or two, and this year the walking trails are much more beautiful.
It's kind of my new favorite spot!

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Kirra said...

It's going to get warm and we're going to eat outside again & it's going to be perfect. Right? Tell me this is true.