Monday, May 13, 2013

Book Club with Shauna Niequist

You know how I feel about the new book by Shauna Niequist, Bread & Wine.
I reviewed it here, and have mentioned her books on this blog on and off for years.

Love that she's a Chicago author too,
which made it possible for my book club to meet her last month, woo woo!

We got into her book release party for Bread and Wine, and just had a fabulous night meeting her, getting our books signed, and feeling the bar of our book club raised several notches.

A lot of our girls couldn't make it that night, but here's our representation.
I couldn't help but wish some of my friends across the country who share a love of Shauna's books could've been there too (ahem, Ilene, Laura Beth, and Allie to name a few!  I was thinking of you!)

I think what was most meaningful to me about the night was getting to tell Shauna face-to-face that her writing is the reason I started asking friends if they would want to start a book club together.
Now a year later, book club is one of my very favorite parts of life right now.
So yeah, I tried to play it cool (which was a fail by the way), but she really has impacted me so significantly.

Now if our book club could only meet all the authors of the books we read...


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soooo jealous!!!!! wish i could have been there with you, too!!!