Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Bean

 I had to be in the Loop this afternoon, so I took a few extra minutes to cross the sidewalk over to Millennium Park and the bean.
I am totally into the glitz and glamour that is Millennium Park, and I love to be there.
Some Chicagoans think it touristy-- and that it most certainly is.
But if you look closer, it belongs to the locals.

It's where the City that Works eats lunch at noon and sprawls on the great lawn on the weekends with babies, friends, and picnic blankets to listen to our own symphony and opera.
Instead of door-to-door, Chicago goes to the bean to sing Christmas carols and we watch fireworks together there like an exploded culdesac.  
 When the flashes of tourist cameras slow, you see the park of daily Chicagoans.

Can't wait to go caroling there in just a few short weeks!
Who's coming with us?

Do you like Millennium Park?

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