Monday, November 5, 2012

Christmas Kindle

I introduced Christmas talk here on City Lights when I put up a link about caroling at the bean, so why not keep going with it?

I bought a Kindle Touch last year with Christmas money, and I thought I would speak to anyone who may have toyed with the idea of putting a Kindle on their Christmas wishlist.

I'll keep it simple by saying this: if you've thought about trying a Kindle, do it.
No need to become overly philosophical or sentimental or anxious.
Owning a Kindle is not saying no to ever holding a book in your hand again or to collecting a shelf teeming with books.

Instead, I like to think about it as an open relationship.
You won't be exclusive anymore with books because you're also going to spend time with e-books, but it's really up to you when and which and why.

Since owning my Kindle, I buy both regular books and e-books.
I love the Kindle for traveling, for reading in bed (think light, one-handed, no manual page turning), for immediate and easy purchase (less errands!) and for rationing the space in my city apartment.

Happy (e)-reading!

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