Monday, November 26, 2012


(Our nephew Connor on Thanksgiving.)

We gave thanks down in rural IL with my family last week over the holiday.
Thanksgiving is my favored holiday to be home, I think because of the simplicity of gobbling up the people I love around a big tasty table.
If I could figure out how to say this I would, but Thanksgiving also mingles arrival and anticipation of the holidays in a way that I love.

Amongst the smudged penciled paragraphs in my journal these days about what I have to thank God for, I'm very aware of the fact that one of my blessings is that all four of my grandparents were around the table with us. 
And that they were the ones that lingered around the table to keep laughing and talking past pie.
When someone urged Gramp to join some of the boys in the TV room for football, he said "Naw, I can watch football any day.  I can't enjoy all these faces every day."
To which Granny replied, "That's right.  If you've seen one football game, you've seen them all."
And then someone tweeted that quote, hashtag Granny.

Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for being here and for reading!


Kirra said...

ohmygosh i love it.

Anonymous said...

I could just gobble this little one right kisses, of course. What a cutie! And I can totally hear that conversation with Granny and Grandpa. Love it.