Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sun Chasers, Part II

In urban living, I love the air of discovery that filters through the pollution and is funneled into the city streets.
The air of discovery that tells me I can chase the sun on the Vespa and or with my two bicycle wheels and land somewhere new under the sun.

Even though they say there's nothing new under the sun, there are still places where I've never been to sit in the sun.

On a Sunday bike ride south on the Path, husband and I found a new Chi-town darling.
The end of a dock in Monroe Harbor.
We wheeled our bikes down to the end and laid back on the warm concrete of the dock with our sneakers hanging over the edge.
Sun.  Chased.  Caught.  Breathe.

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Kirra said...

Why are you guys the cutest? I die. Love you. See you tomorrow.