Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chicago Marathon

In every apartment I've had in Chicago, I've lived on the marathon route.
My first fall in Chicago, I was awoken unawares by the cowbells and shouts of a crowd early on a Sunday morning as the third mile of the marathon ran below my window.

I woke up this Sunday morning in the same way I've come to expect to on the first Sunday of October in Chi-Town.
The beep-beep siren of the lead car that paves the way for the elite runners on the street below is a much more inspiring call to wakefulness than the beep-beep of my banal alarm clock.

We love our new apartment's marathon view, especially for the cold years!

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Whitney Lane said...

I love this! And I love living vicariously through your wonderful Chicago posts... Makes me miss the city so much but is also so refreshing! Marathon time is fun. Glad you got to soak it up. :)