Friday, February 3, 2012

A Writing Week

It's been a writing week.
Hours and days were likable as I worked on a little article for the student paper of the college where husband works.
It's also been a sunny week, and, this is old news now, but so nothing like winter.

It's funny to watch people's worldview of "earn and deserve" play out in street conversation about the Chicago weather.
"I don't know what we did to deserve it," people are saying as they squint in the sunlight at the L stops in a way that is part functional to shield the bright light, and part confused affect.

Some Chicagoans are downright ill at ease with the common grace of winter-relief.
To me, the easier weather translates to my acknowledgment that other places exist outside of the walls of my apartment.
This Starbucks is home away from home though, so I could have gone there to write in snowmageddon.

To me, a writing week is a good week. 
Although I have decided word count specifications are the death of the creative process.
I have also learned that a Starbucks drink only lasts for about the first 150 words. 
It seems that these are things I will have to learn to live with.


Jennifer Lake said...

Winter has given us a break on the East Coast too and I found myself sitting outside a Starbucks this week to simply enjoy the warmth. I also had a writing assignment to do which must outlasted my chai latte. I always feel a bit guilty for the hours I spend sitting at Starbucks with an empty cup of ice.

Love that third photograph. The overexposure brings back the feeling of waking up to a 60 degree day in the end of January.


Little Tree Vintage said...

you're making me want some starbucks :)

Kristina Gulino said...

You're so right about Starbucks drinks only lasting 150 words...either that, or you forget about it and it turns cold so you end up buying another one anyway :) This definitely encourages me to head out with my lappy one of these sunny California days! Sometimes much better than being stuck inside :)

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