Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Share the Love

It is February, after all.
Here's some of my recent finds that I'm loving.
What about you?
Share the love!

Valentine's Day fondue recipes from Ruche.
 Cheese or chocolate, whichever you fancy.
Oh, do I ever have a plan for these!
I'm smitten with these desktop backgrounds.
Download them for free here.
My favorite is the typography, or the camera heart, 
or create, or the mustard yellow.
Oh wait.
This film.
Especially if you've read the book, but even if you haven't.
Husband and I both read the book this year and recommend it 
and its artsy self all the time.
It hurts, but it's brilliant.
New found Pandora station favorites,
Missy Higgins & Ron Pope.
One of these two seem to be playing in our apartment at all times,
my favorite songs so far being "Night Minds" and "A Drop in the Ocean," respectively.
Fresh playlists... now that's love.


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

oh i'm in need of some new music. totally checking them out! and i'm in the middle of extremely loud and cannot seem to get into it. i totally love artsy reads but why can't this one grip me like i want it to? haha - i totally plan to keep going - maybe it'll come to me. ;) and oh that camera desktop - perfection!

p.s. miss ya and we need a major phone date soon! do you have skype? we could plan a skype date...or BOTH!

Kristina Gulino said...

Ooooh I can't do movies like that, they wreck me for days! Those backgrounds are great though :D Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Maria said...

Ahhhh...I love this! You, more than anyone, have taught me to delight in that which is beautiful and worship God through it. I love you. And yes, Missy Higgins is wonderful. Will have to check out Ron Pope.