Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Collection

We've come by this collection, and let me tell you how.
The first one we laid eyes on came out of a Starbucks bag as a gift from husband's best friend from college, after a visit from LA to Chicago.

We spotted the next one in Indianapolis, when picking up Starbucks on a holiday morning.
We hadn't seen any in Chicago Starbucks yet, so the second one came home with us to join the first.
Vespa dates always take two.
photo for us by The Youngrens

Shortly thereafter, the third one was left on our counter top with a note from a house guest that said, "Neal & Ash, I saw this and immediately knew it had to be yours.  Love you, Ty."

So you see, a collection it is.
A collection it is! 
We feel a little bit loved, and I think our red Vespa does too.

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