Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Goodbye, Summer

Goodbye, summer, and happy first official day of fall! My anticipation for fall has been seeping into my blog, my closet, and my Starbucks choices even before today, but now it's official.

To give summer a proper salute, I have a handful of various pictures of our summer that never made it into an official post. Consider this the last sweet taste of summer before giving over fully to fall, holidays, and.... cold weather. We take that pretty seriously around here.

Chicago is breathtaking in the summer. Though it wasn't a normal summer by any means because of my health, we still went out and enjoyed our city as much as we possibly could. And looking at these, I have to smile. In between the cracks, it was good.

Not to mention when we were away from Chicago, here, here, here, and here.

{Flower delivery}
My friend Elisa has been a constant source of encouragement throughout my health struggle.
10 months into this thing, she's sending flowers.
I have learned from her.

{Oak St. Beach Days}

This beach is our favorite. It has a stunning city view as a backdrop!

{I have another park to introduce you to.}
First getting to know Neal in the city as students, this is where he first said, "I love you."
The feeling was mutual, and I told him so.
So, we like it here.

{Farmer's Market}
We traveled so much this summer, that we only caught a few of these Saturday markets.
But they're the perfect weekend outing.

(Love my Tretorn rainboots! Find them here.)

{Summer Chipotle dates.}
This Chipotle in our neighborhood has garage door windows that open up to the city street in the summer.
One of the best things you can do with a warm, summer night, in our opinion.

{Lincoln Park}
We fell in love with Lincoln Park this summer.
We took the Vespa there countless times, loaded down with lawn chairs, a cooler, and reading material.
I think we probably looked pretty funny. Or awesome.

{A beautiful summer afternoon spent meandering}
The city can take you many, many places in just a few blocks.

{A new neighborhood flower shop}
I walk by this nearby shop at least every week.
I love the style: clean, vintage, elegant.

{City Walk #21: Lincoln Park Architecture}
These homes were too beautiful.

{Sweet dreams of summer}
Welcome, fall.

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

oh girl my heart ached just a little bit in the midst of excitement to see all of these pictures of chicago!! ahhh and you look so good and happy. have you been feeling better, friend?! thanks for sharing chicago pics! miss ya!