Friday, September 17, 2010

The Bench

Who thinks we might visit this bench again this weekend? You think right. Yes, yes, yes.

Either on our way coming or going from the farmer's market,

before or after our hopes for a breakfast out (we're thinking Elly's... any suggestions?),

as a rest stop during a bike ride,

or a place to sip lattes and read,

.... in one or all of these ways, we will make our way back to this bench this weekend, I'm almost sure of it.

But not tonight. Tonight, we'll be hanging out at a soccer game on campus, and then going to a movie with one of our RA's and his girl. It's going to be a good night. And bench, I imagine we'll see you tomorrow.


Sarah Smith said...

hope today is beautiful for ya'll! and i suggest you eat at Nookies. i think about that place once a week - amy's incredible. hello gouda cheese.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes. What a delightful little bench! Have fun tonight, Ash. :)