Monday, September 20, 2010

Job Search

Seeking: part time position eating breakfast out.

Inspiration? A long, lazy Saturday morning spent at Elly's Pancake House with husband. We sat and sipped coffee, ate fluffy pancakes, and talked all things fall hopes and schedules, and movie reviews from the night before. It was cloudy and rainy, and it was 2:00pm, quite seriously, before we settled deeper down into our hoodies and hopped on the Vespa to head home. I promise we weren't rude... there were open tables.

There's some sort of joy that sweeps across your soul when you sit at a window breakfast table till 2pm, snuggled in the first hoodie of fall. A feeling like you've done something wrong, but you've actually done something so very, very right.

So, you see why I would like to have a part-time job eating breakfast and munching on weekend conversation, especially at all our favorites, Nookies, Yolk, Original Pancake House, Third Coast, Egglectic, Honey, and now Elly's. Joined by any of you, it would be even that much more lovely.

Only I'm not available full-time for this eating breakfast out job, because I have this other part time job I'd like to do that I might have mentioned in a blog post awhile back. What was it? Oh yes, being an auntie to Garrett Paul, Lilly Ann, Connor Steven, Kaden Timothy, Emlyn Rose, Eli John, Halie Kathleen, & Addison Hope. So, I'd be a little tied up part of the time.

Yep. My ambitions are big this Monday. Never underestimate the greatness of a weekend breakfast out or little nieces and nephews.

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