Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Project 365: Week Three

+ a few make-up days...

Day 11: Conversation with Daddy.
 Day 12: Studying every night for my LCPC.  Biggest test of my life.  No pressure!
 Day 13: Plum Market.  We love it there.
 Day 14: Chilly walks.
 Day 15: Sleepy yumminess.
 Day 16: This position.  Those legs.  I'm so obsessed with the chubs.  Don't ever grow up, baby!
 Day 17: Little hands at work.
 Day 18: Neal's brown eyes + my blue/green eyes made... hazel??
Also, the furrowed expressive brows are something I will always remember about this baby boy of mine.
 Day 19: Playing with his dad.  The way he looks at him! Ouchhhh.
 Day 20: Someday everything out there will turn green.  Keep watchin'.

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Kirra said...

The superman. Omg. It's too great to handle.