Sunday, February 16, 2014

Project 365: Week Four + Some

Oh you guys.
Project 365.  I'm lost.
Something looks a little off... I'm on "Week Four" and it's February 16?
Try to turn a blind eye.
I don't wanna give up!

Day 21: A song we've been singing lately, "If all the snowflakes were chocolate cake and milkshakes, oh what a snow that would be!"
Day 22: Of all the household chores, I'd take laundry any day.  Although lately I feel like it's all I do.
Day 23: What a winter.
Day 24: Kirra actually snapped this shot with my camera when we took the babes to the Nature Museum one freeeeeeezing cold morning.  The butterfly sanctuary is out of this world!
Day 25: "Mr. Whale," as he is affectionately known at our house.
Day 26: Their relationship.  I don't know if my heart can take it.
Day 27: Six month pediatrician appointment.
 Day 28: Feeding him solids has been such a blast.  Our little foodie.
Day 29: Hours of study for my licensure exam.  The few uninterrupted hours I got in were gold.
Day 30: A study package of treats from my friend Alyce.  Best.
Day 31: Readin.'
Day 32: My favorite store for toys for the Augy man.  We love to pop in there.
Day 33: View from the parking deck of my new gym location.
Day 34: Final hours of study at one of my newer favorite spots, the Goddess & Grocer.  Their buffalo chicken wrap hits the spot for me.

Day 35: Biggest day.
Day 36: There were so many Valentine's Day cards to drool over at Papersource this year.  I had to go three times before finally deciding on one for Neal.
Day 37: His lovie.
Day 38: Out celebrating my LCPC.  Little one wanted the Coke so bad!

Ok, 38 out of 47 days done.  If you let me cheat a little, I'll catch up?!


Kirra said...

Oh eek! Don't give up! These are too great. That first pic- kill me. I love him.

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

love love love all of these pictures!

and little augy, one of the happiest babies ever. he should be friends with Lux. they would laugh together all day long. just like her aunt and his mommy when they're together. miss you!