Sunday, January 12, 2014

Project 365: Week One

I've seen Project 365 several places around the web and decided to join the fun.
Practicing every day with my DSLR is something that sounds like just what I need, especially on these long days of winter where creativity can run short.
One photo a day for a year, here we go!

Looking at my first week, it's pretty obvious where my focus is most days.
Namely on a pair of (what color are those?) eyes that seems to always be on mine.
August Wells, this Project 365 is going to be good for your baby book.

Day 1: Waking from a nap
Day 2: Colors and patterns
Day 3: Reaching
Day 4: Morning play time when he wakes
Day 5: August Wells, 5 1/2 mos.

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Kirra said...

This baby. Stolen hearts everywhere.