Monday, September 23, 2013

For August: A Chicago Rooftop Shower

You guys.
I have a treat for you today!

My bestie Kirra posted the pictures from the baby shower she threw for me back a few weeks before Augy was born.
If you have the party planning bug, her post will give you lots of ideas and resources.
She is truly gifted at taking a space and creating something so special.
Details, details, details is her middle name, and I could not be more blessed by all the unique touches and odes to my loves that she designed for that day.

I mean, a mint green frosted carrot cake?
Chicago flag cupcakes.
Chicago nursery artwork.
Glazed & Infused donuts.
Touches of navy.
Coca Cola (obviously).
She knows me, and it is such a beautiful feeling to be known like that.
It's beautiful, but it's also inspiring.
I want to love Augy and Neal like she loves me, like she loves Ellie and Taylor, like she loves her family & friends.
To be into the details and to not hold back in letting your people know that you know them and you think they are worth loving and celebrating.

Thanks for the lessons, Kir.
This shower was the dreamiest.
You spoiled me and Augy rotten.
You are the best bestie, as I like to say.
To the Book Club girls, thank you for the roles you played in putting on the shower, and of course for your presence and laughter.  You're my girls.
To my mom and mother-in-law, thank you for your words of wisdom.
To my sister and sisters-in-law, thank you for being there by my side, the only way I want to do life.
And to Tiff, Ty, and Parker... like Kirra said, we kinda are like the Parenthood cast.  And it's my favorite.
Hop over to Kirra's post here to see a whole lot more wonderful photos and get her design tips!

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

i saw kirra's post yesterday! she def is talented...but you are def a special friend to so many people so that baby shower was more than well-deserved. wish i could have been there!

love you!