Tuesday, March 5, 2013

In Like a Lion

Photo credit: Neal's phone!

March in Chicago.
In like a lion, always.
Out like a lamb, always a long shot.

These pictures are from a mini adventure on Sunday afternoon, even before the fresh dumping of snow we got today.
I was the only therapist in the office today because of the snow storm, and that's probably because I can walk there from my apartment.
No snow days for walkers.

Back to Sunday, though.
Husband and I rolled out of bed from a Sunday nap that never went into a deep sleep for either of us, but apparently was just enough to fuel an adventure.
"Wanna go out?"
"Yes, out the door in 10 minutes or less?"

Cue closet doors opening and closing, and keys and gloves being shoved into coat pockets.
It's a freedom and a spontaneity under a Sunday sun that I drink like living water.

We drove south on Lakeshore Drive because we usually go north.
We drove until we found something of interest to explore, which signs named as 63rd Street Beach.
There's a long, long, long pier that you can walk out over Lake Michigan, and a beautiful old public beach house (closed for the season) that has a serenity courtyard inside and a gorgeous old promenade deck with wide open views of the water and the distant skyline.

We poked around the locked up beach house until it was official that we would come back in warmer weather.
Out on the pier, we walked around and explored and dreamed of spring, 
while the lion roared.

We'll certainly be back when the lamb comes out to play.
It's anyone's guess when that might be.

Have you been to 63rd Street Beach?
And if so, why have you been hiding this secret from us?  Wink.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds simply wonderful! Love you, friend.