Monday, March 18, 2013


Photo taken by husband, in baby's future nursery

I have been the absolute worst at taking any bump photos or recording the weeks in my Belly Book that my sweet friend Alissa sent me.
Someone help me.
For a first pregnancy, you would think I would do better!

I'm 21 weeks now, but the last photo (and only real photo) I have is from 19 weeks.
I feel fantastic, after getting rid of the last of the morning sickness around 18.5 weeks (finally!).

I dream of him every day and am especially loving how my mom now signs all her emails to me, "Momma/Grammy."

Equally loving the tweets I get about my sister shopping for him, texts from friends squealing about his ultrasound pictures, and Kirra interacting with Craigslist sellers as my "designer" for the nursery as she scored a mid-century dresser we were looking for for his room.

Here's to halfway!


Adeline Grace Yoder said...

You look amazing friend!! Can't wait to meet him!!!!!!! <3

Bethany Yoder said...

Yipee I finally figured out how to edit my account to show my name instead of my daughter's! LOL I have no idea why it kept doing that!
Anyway, like I said, you look AMAZING!!!!!! Love you!!!!

Kirra said...

This photo makes me cry! I love you. I love him. I can't stand it. So perf.

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

I love this picture so much!