Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Green City Market Time

My work schedule doesn't allow me much Green City Market time since its open days- Wednesdays and Saturdays- are some of my longest hours.

Most Saturday mornings I'm up and gone for work before husband opens an eye, but this Saturday was different, since I was off work for our friends' wedding later that day (congrats, friends!)

Husband and I cruised over to the farmer's market first thing in the morning, feeling like free birds.
Didn't make the bed, didn't make preparations for the day, just hopped on the back of the vespa for Lincoln Park, squeezed tight, and let Saturday soak through my scarf and sweatshirt in the morning sun.

We rounded the corner Starbucks with the late end of the early crowd for an iced latte (her) and a hot coffee (him) and then wandered the market, set like a scene on the stage of Saturday.

The colors, the sun, the coffee, the vespa, the morning.
Yes, please, and thank you city summer.
You're all sorts of kind and lovely.

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely day! And such great pictures. I love your life, as always.