Tuesday, June 26, 2012

City Night Lights

As mentioned in yesterday's post, husband and I abandoned the piles of boxes in our apartment this weekend in favor of a couple basics, namely sanity and summer.

The Vespa got dusted off and we meandered through the streets to the Wicker Park neighborhood.
Vespa humming along through streets lined with restaurants and teems of people dining outdoors under the dimming sky, I was reminded how cool Wicker Park is.
I have no idea how I forget this.

It's so close to us and sure, maybe I feel like a dork there (because everyone in Wicker Park seems to rock the artist thing like it's their day job) but the spark has been re-kindled and I'm reminded that this summer would be a great time to get to spend more time there.

After dinner we exchanged the Vespa for our bikes for a twilight ride down Lakeshore Path to the Planetarium.
I pulled a blanket out of my backpack and we laid flat on our backs under the city night lights.

Everyone in Chicago knows the Planetarium is one of the best spots to see the city lights at night.
I don't have a tripod, so the last picture below was taken with the camera resting on my knees.
I really want to get this flexible tripod, perfect for being tossed into the Vespa seat or a bag for city adventures.

We shivered a little bit when we stood up into the chilly night air and realized we had to bike all the way back up the path towards home.
But pedaling our bikes created the right sensation of warm body, cool air and we sealed in summer with every spin of our tires under those city night lights.
Night lights are where it's at in summer the Chicago way.

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Kirra said...

Ash! That last picture. Be still my heart. So great. I love you.