Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nouns and Their Meaning

Husband took these photos on his phone earlier this week.
Speaking of mapping the city, these are views that the average American could probably identify as "Chicago."

I look at these photos and I see not only Chicago the proper noun, but Chicago the abstract noun.
 The space within these sky-view photos holds the abstract noun of our life spent in hundreds of hours, thousands of footsteps, book pages, shutter button-releases, restaurant tabs, smiles tossed back and forth between the streets, thoughts and thoughts and thoughts ricocheting.  
Ricocheting between buildings, Nike Free footprints, spinning bike tires, Vespa rides, new people, places, and things.

Shifts and changes in ourselves, in our minds, our bodies, our lives, our world.
If those concepts can be located, it would have to be here.

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Kirra Sue said...

Ok I keep reading your blog on my phone & it's a pain to comment on that thing- but here I am- on my big computer- and I LOVE all these posts. So special. You are such a beautiful writer friend. Miss you to pieces.