Friday, May 11, 2012

Le Colonial

Le Colonial on Rush St. is marked on our Chicago map.
We have x's and circles, stars and hearts creating a constellation that I can easily make out as the Chicago life of the boy and the girl and the red Vespa.

Me and husband have hardly any circles around fine dining locales in the Windy City, and conversely have countless stars on places to go for a good burger and fries.
But when we mark it, we mark it in red, and Le Colonial is marked with a heart.

Le Colonial is French-Vietnamese fine dining and is an absolute Chicago must, in our opinion.
Stepping inside is like stepping into a beautiful vintage french rowhouse, with a dark wood staircase to the upstairs and chandeliers downstairs.
I've spent a couple birthdays here and have loved the French-Vietnamese dishes just as much as I love Rush St. itself.

It's great for residents and visitors alike.
And afterwards, you won't even need a map to find a Starbucks.

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