Friday, May 11, 2012


Mid-May is a calendar location I feel disoriented to right about now.
Students are moving out, and I'm still asking them things like "Is it next Tuesday you're coming over?"
They're like, "Um, no.  I'll be in (fill-in-the-blank around the globe) for summer break."

Within a few short days, husband and I will have a quieter Chicago on our block.
It's a strange week, this one.
My head tucks to somersault into summer, and at the same time I dig my heels in to delay the momentum.
This is as awkward as you are imagining it.

In our little family, we are big into paying attention to shifts in life rhythms.
If I know anything about our own life, we will most likely debrief the school year past and anticipate the summer to come over a large Rudy's Special pizza and icy coke at Pizano's.
For as much as things change, they stay the same.

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