Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Return of the City Walk Cards

A couple Sundays ago the first signs of spring washed over the city.
Those signs came in over-exposed sunshine and a bright hue of blue to the sky that reminded me of Lake Michigan's summer ceiling.

Husband resolutely left his winter coat behind, while I still wrapped up in my favorite scarf and gloves.
I think I ended up being the happier, but thanks to husband all the same for his nod to spring ideation.

But it's true, there was enough spring in the day to bring us out into the streets and neighborhoods, to find new nooks and corners of the city to meet.
 City Walk Cards are part of our Chicago habit, and this day we chose the University of Chicago in Hyde Park.
Have you been?  I mean.  I freaked out the whole time.
And the ivy tracing every face of the buildings wasn't even budded yet.

The Hyde Park neighborhood holds not just UChicago, but 
old bookstores, and more old bookstores, and then the oldest used bookstore in Chicago, O'Gara & Wilson.
Okay fine.
I like you.

At afternoon's end, we did the only city-walk-respecting thing to do, which is to walk into a local diner, ask what's good, and pay cash because there's no assurance that a historic neighborhood diner with a fuzzy old TV set humming in the background takes credit cards. 
But they do take explorers. 


Kirra Sue said...

That's my favorite walk from the cards & isn't the book store the most amazing thing you've ever been in? I love it. Can you imagine being a student at U of C?! I mean. I felt like i was in Europe! Love.

Anonymous said...


Carolyn said...

When my sister graduated from seminary (Lutheran School of Theology - Hyde Park) the ceremony took place inside that church on U of C's campus! So beautiful! Next time you are in Hyde Park check out Leona's on 53rd (great "Americana" food!) or Thai 55 on E. 55th (awesome Thai food)! Glad you had fun around Hyde Park! - Carolyn Sauer (friend of your fam's)