Friday, March 30, 2012

Pequod's Pizza

Hey Chicago,
where do you stand on Pequod's?

Here's a brief commentary on Chicago pizza in time-line, City Lights style.

Your first Chicago pizza: Giordano's.
Giordano's is where I went on high school trips to Chicago, and then where I went with my family when they visited me throughout my first year of college.

Lou's is where students taught me to go early on into my college career.
I went with my roommate, first for their chocolate chip cookie pizza, and then increasingly
with groups of friends for the deep dish butter crust.
Enter (future) husband.
Lou's was his favorite at the time, so Lou's began to edge in.

Eduardo's catered many student leader events throughout my last two years of college. 
Deep dish, thin crust, it was free.

The place which shall not be named.

As an upperclassman, I found myself an undeserving member in a small insider's group of Pizano's friends.
A friend I worked with inducted me into the group, which was never more than 5 or 6 of us.
We swiped our U-passes through the brown line "L" turnstiles to the Loop and settled into a corner table for free pizza after 10 or 11pm with the purchase of drinks, a student deal that our group kept under wraps.

Pizano's II
After husband and I got married, he worked locally at the Four Seasons Hotel off Michigan Avenue.
Right there in our neighborhood was a hole-in-the-wall Pizano's, full of Chicago character and neighborhood charm.
It's dark, small, and cozy, with red-checkered tablecloths and red twinkle lights draped along the ceiling throughout.
We've never, ever looked back from this place and the thin crust Rudy's Special.

A lot of our new friends talk about Pequod's.
It's a bit more tucked away from the tourist scene, lodged in trendy neighborhoods nearby, but according to our friends it's essential to the Chicago pizza scene.
We tried it the other night while the weather was warm, and it was a success-
meaning we did enjoy the night, but it didn't come close to the Rudy Special.

What's your favorite Chicago pizza?


Katie Swan said...
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Katie Swan said...

As one of the upperclassmen that joined in the small group who visited Pizano's on a regular basis. I will forever be devoted to their delicious pizza. Mmmm!

Kirra Sue said...

Oh man I love you. I loved this commentary. Amen to Pizano's.