Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bridgeport Coffee Co

The month of March.
When the lion and lamb charades come out to play, we try to guess the character of the day.

First Vespa ride,
Iced lattes,
Bicycles and parks?

Blankets and books,
Coffee shops and sweaters?

Rain, wind, shine, blooms? 

March is a sweet month in our little world, not because charades is our game but because
the lost art of spring break is our game.
Husband's job at a college gives a novel 2 weeks,
so every minute I wasn't at work, we went out into the city, letting the daily weather charade give us clues.

Last summer, my friend Kirra lived in the Bridgeport neighborhood and every time we rode the Vespa down to her place, she was all, "You guys gotta stop at Bridgeport Coffee!"

Hey.  You.
You gotta stop at Bridgeport Coffee
If the day looks like the form of a lion, spend the afternoon at Bridgeport Coffee with it's twinkle lights, bud vases, big windows,
and vintage ceiling tiles, with thick old white paint.

It's the kind of day spring dreams are made of.
Lion or lamb.


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

these pics made my heart because they make me miss the city and coffee shops so much! so in a sense, i loved them. :)

Kristina Gulino said...

This kinda of makes me want to leave work right now and go grab a coffee somewhere. Even though I actually don't like coffee...I like the atmosphere and all the yummy smells (and the tea drinks they also sell - haha)! Great pics. Fun to see what you're wearing! So cute!

Nook & Sea

Kirra Sue said...

Wait, what?!!!! You were this close to my house and I didn't know?!!!!! Ethel. No no. But YEA for you guys going. Love it so much there!!!!! And I love you more.