Monday, November 14, 2011

A Simple Point

Since I work Saturdays, Mondays are my Saturday.
Scrub the bathroom, wash the floors, launder the sheets.
You know, things that make the rest of the week easier, less harried, more controlled.
Or so we think.
But really, I think it does help a lot for when traffic slows, meetings go late, and lights go on too early in the morning.
I've come to love my Monday/Saturday and the peace and contentment I feel working my home into a place of composure.

I have to admit, the simple point of all this is that between laundry loads today, I had a sandwich for lunch on a pretzel roll.
I'm so sorry that this is the whole content of this blog post. 
Truly, I am.

But we love these at our house, and get them at either Trader Joe's or Stanley's fruit and vegetables market nearly every week.
Try em, I dare ya.
You will love laundry-cleaning-grocery-whatever day that you are home and have unrestricted access to lunch on a pretzel roll.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the perfect lunch! Yum, yum!

A Touch of Country said...

just found your blog and love all your posts about chicago and your day to day happenings. I used to come there frequently for the gift mart for my giftshop. I closed it 5 years ago but am reopening a giftshop in our barn in the spring.

Love your posts and miss chicago! I am from iowa