Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Creative Life

Don't let me fool you.
It's not all leisure reading around here.
I do a fair amount of reading in my field, and while I really eat it up, it still stacks up to piles of chapters laden with topics that most people prefer never to have to think about.
I need a separation from pathology, healthy and unhealthy structures of relating, theories, human pain, and emotional distress from time to time.
Time to time as in every day.

Pleasure reading, exploring the city, finding beauty, all balance out my mind and soul, a much needed respite for the working side of my life, heavy on interfacing with how fallen this world truly is.
There's nothing I love more than gathering up my feeble courage and walking straight into the reality of life with someone.
But in order to do so sustainably, I find I need to live the creative life.

Sometimes I need a momentary escape to another world.  
Enter Harry Potter.
Sometimes I need to taste and remember that life is indeed sweet.  
Enter cupcake bakeries.
So often do I need to laugh and go light and free.  
Enter Vespa rides around the city.
Most of all, I need to find grace in this fallen life.  
Enter photographing and blogging the lovely.

What I really meant to say in all of this is that I finished a book for work called Boundaries by Cloud and Townsend at the park the other day.
I recommend it, less so as a counselor, and more so just as a friend.
This book will be my friend for years to come.

Any book could become a friend in this beautiful garden, don't you think?
And like I said, eating, sleeping, and breathing books, we are.


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

looks like the perfect day!!! if i could, i'd read all day. :)

Anonymous said...

How lovely! My mom LIVES and BREATHES that "Boundaries" book. I think your mom does too. Love you, friend, and SO wish you were closer! :)