Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chicago Summer

I work.  I grocery shop.  I do dishes and straighten up our little apartment over and over again.
I workout.  I toss junk mail, both from piles of papers and a never-ending email inbox.
I wipe down counter tops and read clinical literature.
I take naps and go to bed early on Friday night for work the next day.

I mean, as every book has a preface, you should know that I don't spend every morning reading in Washington Square Park, every afternoon at Oak Street Beach, every evening biking on Lake Shore Path, or every twilight picnicing at Montrose Harbor.

But I wouldn't consider myself a true Chicagoan if I didn't spend some summer days in such a manner.
The loveliest.

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

ooooh, friend! these pictures are so pretty. makes me miss "home."

p.s. looove the new banner.
p.s.s. all of your comments today - made my day! love you. :)