Thursday, May 15, 2014

Project 365: Week 18 & 19

Day 122: Morning reading with Grandpa.  Wakin' up.
Day 123: Mailed out invitations for Kirra's baby shower, made perfectly by Katy Girl Designs.
Day 124: We love walking up to Plum Market for their Glazed & Infused donuts.  Any day.
Day 125: Favorite L platform.  And it so kindly has a working elevator, unlike so many of the stops.  Which can basically give you a panic attack when you have a stroller.
Day 126: 9 months and it's like a light switch was flipped-- he is so into reading books now!
Day 127: Joan Cusack's store on Wells St.
Day 128: These two playing together.
Day 129: That's a lot of coffee.
Day 130: A new favorite.
Day 131: The Montrose view we love so much.
Day 132: August's dedication at church.
Day 133: First Mother's Day!
Day 134: Dark chocolate treats re-stocked. 
Day 135: Most fun person I know.

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