Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

It rained all day, literally all day, in Chicago yesterday on Halloween.
A bunch of "Now what?" texts got fired off until we came up with changing our trick-or-treat plans to soup-cornbread-and-halloween-candy night at our apartment with a group of our friends.

I lit little votive candles all around our apartment to make it cozy and holiday-ish, and it actually kind of worked.
Want to have more nights like that!
 Kirra and I dressed up Ellie and Augy for about 5 minutes until they both promptly decided they were done.

We put Augy to bed sans bumble bee costume and enjoyed a good, good night with friends.
He got a dream feed at 9:30pm which we did out in the living room so everybody could see him.  
We also kind of woke him up when we brought our friends into his bedroom to say goodbye when they left, but we can't help it.
We just want him to be part of the party!
Happy first Halloween, Augy!

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Kirra said...

eye bags. kill me every time.