Sunday, November 3, 2013

Augy & The Pacific

  During our weekend in California I was so excited for Augy to visit the shores of the Pacific Ocean for the first time.
I mean, it's the Pacific Ocean!  And he's a 3-month-old Midwesterner baby, so it's pretty cool.

I just had to dip his toes in for that carpe diem heart that beats in my chest, which is the same heart that fully intends to raise my son with the same spirit.

Consider this post to be like a book without words.
I think you'll be able to read it just fine...
I think we need to work on his spirit of adventure, wink!


Kirra said...


my sweet Stambach said...

Oh this is so cute! Sorry for those little tears, but this was precious!

Maria Griffin said...

This sequence of pictures is priceless. And you, my friend, are a rockin hot and classy mama.