Tuesday, October 15, 2013

And Then Maternity Leave Ended

Last weekend was my last before returning to work (which I did today, what what!)
I wish I could say my maternity leave ended with a better weekend, but these darn allergies are just out to get me.

In some ways though when I can see through my Benadryl fog, the weekend held some real goodness.
For starters our dear, dear friends Joel & Allie were visiting. 
We spent a wonderful Saturday night in with them cooking, enjoying good food together, and spinning some great conversation.
My brother Ty was able to join us that night as well, and between the five of us we just had some really sharpening friends-to-friends discussions.
As much as I'm a go out and do kind of person, my favorite nights of all are spent sitting up late into the night (a relative term now that we have a newborn) with a group of friends in my apartment or one of my friends' places.

One of the things I love most about our friendship with Joel and Allie in particular is that we have with them what we refer to as a "sweatpants culture," meaning when we're together we love to just let down and stay in.
The four of us have a shared love for good food, and Joel is especially boss in the kitchen, so that usually works out pretty well too.

So also, it was a full house.  My cousin Keighley came and slept over on our couch Saturday night to cheer on some friends in the marathon the next day.
She, Ty, and I laughed so hard that night that I had to use my inhaler (again, the allergies).
It gave me pause to realize that someday that could be grown up Augy calling grown up Lilly or Connor or Cooper or Eli to crash on their couch and they might wheeze with laughter.

Here's some photos of the rest of the weekend, just Neal, Augy, & me.
^^^ Out walking ^^^
^^^ The best Glazed & Infused donut I've had yet.  Pumpkin chocolate chip with vanilla bean glaze and cream cheese frosting, a fall special.  The whole Glazed & Infused thing is sort of a problem for which I'm entirely not sorry. ^^^
^^^ Oz Park ^^^
^^^ Getting sleepy out to breakfast.  Maybe because the new place we tried was so. not. worth. it. ^^^
^^^ So funny.  I can hold my head up now! ^^^
^^^ Sweetest baby ^^^
That's a wrap.
I'll be back tomorrow with a nursery tour!

Also, if you read my blog in an email or a reader, click over to actually view my blog at www.ctylights.blogspot.com.  I've added some updates on the sidebar where I share my current reads, and I've also started labeling blog posts so you can select posts to read by topic.
Hope that helps!


Anonymous said...

Ashley, hello! Your pictures are always so great, I was wondering what camera you are using? I'm in the early process of camera-buying-research!

Ashley said...

Hey Lauren! I use a Canon Rebel, and it's great! Good luck :)