Thursday, October 24, 2013

3 Months

State Street, Santa Barbara CA

We just got home from sunny southern California around midnight on Monday night.
And now it's almost Friday!  Short week for us.

Augy turned 3 months over the weekend in California, and this picture of us on State Street just makes me so happy!
We were so scared to make the trip with him, afraid he'd cry and wiggle all over the place on the flights and have crazy nights with the time change, but he was such a champ!
So, so good.

When I look at this picture I realize this was the picture I had in my head when Augy was born, of what life would be like with a baby as we became a family of three.
So when those first few weeks after his birth turned out to be crazy exhausting and demanding and painful and all-consuming, I got scared.
Maybe people could see it in my eyes, or maybe people are just smarter and kinder than I sometimes give them credit for, but almost everyone I talked to in those early days said, "Don't worry!  It gets easier.  It gets more fun as time goes on!  Just make it to 3 months and everything will be different."

How. right. they. were.
My body is not in pain anymore, I only get up once in the night, he's starting to take scheduled naps, feeding is quick and easy (and finally not every two hours), and I can eat and shower and keep up with life.
He is the most wonderful thing that has happened to us, but I can tell you that in those first few weeks, caring for a newborn did not feel like the most wonderful thing that could happen to a person.

Not that it's easy now.  Of all the ways motherhood has been described over the centuries, I've never heard easy, but we are having a blast.
Thankful that we have such a happy, easy-going baby to ease us into parenthood.
I mean, look at that smile!
After he goes to bed at night, Neal and I sit around watching videos of him on our phones that we've taken that day.
Just a little in love!

Happy 3 months, Augy bear!!


Katie Swan said...

Beautiful Ash and such a good reminder. Thanks for your words; very encouraging for a soon to be first time mom.

Maria Griffin said...

Be still my heart. Augy is the happiest baby I have ever seen!