Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Chi Tri 2013

Augy and I watched Neal swim in the Chicago Triathalon this past weekend, woo, woo!
It was a hot 90 degrees and a big Chicago weekend for our little babe!
I love race environments and so even though it was a hard day with a newborn, the fun of the day was worth it to me.
Augy did great especially with the extra hands of my mom and sister; he's such a flexible baby.
I was grateful though for a little validation from a triathlete who walked by with her bike and saw me with Augy.
"That is way harder than this" she said with a good natured laugh.
Thanks, lady!

Augy took his first L ride, first taxi cab ride, went to the race Expo in the Loop,
watched the race at Lake Michigan and Millennium Park, and joined my family at classic Chicago restaurants Maggiano's and Portillo's.
His Chicago onesie turned out to be a blast of a wardrobe choice.

Neal completed the one mile swim leg of the triathalon, while my brother Parker biked and my brother-in-law Paul ran.  They were a serious team and ended up getting 10th out of all the men's teams, what what!

You made us proud Neal!


Maria Griffin said...

So fun! And what an adventurous Mom! You're the greatest!

Kirra said...


Nicolas Babarskis said...

Go Neal!!!