Monday, January 28, 2013

Star of Siam

11 E. Illinois Street

Our new year's resolution is in swing.
I love that that means you'll find us in restaurants around Chicago rather than in the gym, wink.
It's been slower going that I thought, due to cold, cold temperatures combined with pregnancy cravings and aversions.
Read: stay home and order take-out or make pancakes!
But the second trimester is here, and spring is on the way (don't believe the second part for a second).

For thai, we normally would have gone to Penny's Noodles in Wicker Park without a second thought, but my friend E who now lives in Spain (thought about you the whole time, E!) has always talked about Star of Siam.

I immediately loved the interior, warm and urban with exposed brick walls.
We had mixed reviews on the food, with husband loving his and me disappointed with mine.
I'm convinced that I ordered poorly though, so someday I'll have to try it again, with E as my guide.
I just talked to someone last night to whom husband recommended Star of Siam, and she was very happy with it too, so go and order better than I did!
For visitors (or locals), this is a good one if you're shopping on Michigan Avenue, because it's just a few steps off the Mag Mile.

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